Contact Us

Contact Us

We serve our community by acting as a resource for those with Down syndrome, those who have someone with Down syndrome in their life, and those who wish to learn more and become advocates. To learn more or become a part of our community, please reach out.

Office and Mailing Address:

4530 Park Road, Suite 430
Charlotte, NC 28209

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday or by appointment

Phone: 704-536-2163
Fax: 704-705-2438

Donate a Used Car

Donate your used vehicle.  If you own an automobile, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle which you would like to donate, you can dial toll free 1-877-537-5277 or follow this link to a convenient website. The vehicle does not need to run, but it must have an engine.  We get a contribution, and you get a tax deduction!


Includes our tax ID Number for your donation records.
Click HERE to download.

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